Keep The Stoke Alive has Moved!

To everyone trying to get more stoke in their lives,

Our stoke project has moved to !!!

Go over there and check it out!

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Valentines Day Cheer Found at the DMV

The DMV is one of the most dreaded places on the planet. Usually it means something awful has happened, and you have to wait in a tiny room with a hundred other emo people who are as miserable as you are. It’s like going to a movie that you know is going to suck (I’m a huge Ben Affleck fan FYI). But on this day, a DMV was a beacon of light.

I don’t know why this DMV is so empty, but hopefully everyone’s out doing funtivities with their Valentine!


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The Little Stokes in Life: Caffeine Fiend


I quickly got over the initial disappointment that my James Taylor alarm clock interrupted my SICK Batman-esque dream (had just broken outta enemy-prison with a dude who had a mechanical sword for a left arm). Now, I was ready for my morning brew. I plugged in Mr. Coffee, sprinkled in the Folgers and hit “LET’S DO THIS” (aka “on”).


Tried again.

Weird noise.


Little guy was broken. Kinda butt-hurt about it. Oh well…

Tried singing Shaniah Twain in the shower to get me going. Surprisingly, didn’t work this time. Scoured the room for extra coin. Found a few Washington’s (quarters, not dollars) in the mattress. I was gettin’ dunks… with a turbo shot. That stuff really JACKS YOU UP. I was ready to crush the day.

Moral of the stoke: waking up with Folgers in your cup is actually better when it’s dunks.

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Dude at Rihanna Concert Steals the Show

In between sets, this guy started dancing to Beyonce’s majestic hit ‘Single Ladies’ – even sporting some of the legendary dance moves from the greatest video of all tiiiime. The crowd’s response is well deserved. We salute you.

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Stupid is Beautiful

Looking like an idiot has never been so artsy.

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The Next Happy Gilmore???

We don’t know, but he’s happy… And the next thing you know he’s gonna be at Augusta winning the Masters. I just dont think they make green jackets in his size.

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Team Long Brothers – Sports Illustrated SportsKids of the Year

skoty12_coverThrough my perusing across the world wide web, I come across a lot of content. Some funny, some cool, but most is stupid beyond imagination. This video is unbelievable. Inspirational doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

Unfortunately, you cannot embed Flash on WordPress, so click the photo on the left or click here to view this video!

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Boring Job – Not Boring People!

If you think your job is monotonous, spice it up – add some STOKE! This is an example of what I mean!

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Crazy John Doing Multiple Hits… and a SCARECROW???

These stoked up discmen bring unprecedented levels of excitement to the world of the frisbee.

Still waiting on a definition of the word “Hain/Hein/Hayne”, but this vid is the Hain bro – way to hit it!

So come on let em fly!

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Smoking Is Killer!

Not really sure how I feel about cigarettes. I would never smoke them because they like kill you and everything, but why do they have to look so cool?? Smoking makes non-cool people look like cancer, and cool people look like action heroes. If everyone did what this guy does to light cigarettes, maybe society wouldn’t have such a big problem with it? I don’t know, either way this dude’s got skills that can still be appreciated, regardless of his life choices.

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