American Gladiators “I’m fine today!”

It’s appropriate to start with American Gladiator, Malibu. For those of you who don’t know what American Gladiators is, it was pretty much the sickest game show ever. Set during the Golden Era of roid-dosing bodybuilders, average schmo’s entered a Hunger Games version of a Chuck E Cheese arena in order to battle the juicer freaks for straight cash money. Much like the WWE, these beef cake’s had characters that they acted on that were meant to spice up the entertainment factor.

Malibu was supposed to be the chill surfer dude from SoCal. His general outlook on life is what it means to be KEEPING THE STOKE ALIVE.

Would you look at this dude’s bi’s? So yoked. Not to mention his lettuce looks like Thor in a Pantene shampoo commericial. People need to toss up the shaka more. It turns out he wasn’t ever really acting… “Sweet!”

Keep it alive.

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