Canseco’s Still Got It

Canseco loves the roids! Almost as much as he loves cheap cervesa!

Remember when Will Ferrel starred in a viral commercial at this years Super Bowl? It’s real smart marketing if you ask me, only pay for one slot in Nebraska and everyone sees it on Youtube the next day! I guess people liked it so much that they decided to make a couple more – this time with the HGH-munchin’ blackbelt playboy himself.



He recently stated on his twitter account that if he was at the Home Run Derby this year he would’ve won. (I probably could too if I had a testosterone drip going while I slept!) But, you know what? Baseball could use some pumping up right now – who doesn’t  love seeing 500ft home runs! The only thing that’ll sell tickets faster is if Justin Bieber slips on a baseball and all of a sudden can throw rocket fire!

And I mean come on, look at him…. Joseee can you seee!

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