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Parkour Should Be In The Olympics

Free running is one of the rawest sports today. It’s insane what these kids do… I don’t want to see the bail reel. This edit features some cool shots and pretty insane stunts. Get around em. Rio 2016 Advertisements

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The Birth Of A Tool

This video of a dude making a hand axe kinda turned me on a little bit. If that’s wrong then I don’t want to be right. Thinking about saying screw you world and becoming a blacksmith.

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Superheroes of Stoke

As we approach the time when we put away the skateboard, the swimsuit, the wakeboard… we dig out the¬†snow pants, the beanies, and of course the skis. This is the gnarliest ski vid promo i’ve ever seen. You guys must … Continue reading

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Next Generation Scootering

Apparently nobody ever told this guy that scootering has gone out of style. It’s a good thing too because this is ridiculous. My Razor from 2000 is still in mint condish and gets me from A to B when I’m … Continue reading

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