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The Next Happy Gilmore???

We don’t know, but he’s happy… And the next thing you know he’s gonna be at Augusta winning the Masters. I just dont think they make green jackets in his size.

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Team Long Brothers – Sports Illustrated SportsKids of the Year

Through my perusing across the world wide web, I come across a lot of content. Some funny, some cool, but most is stupid beyond imagination. This video is unbelievable. Inspirational doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Unfortunately, you cannot … Continue reading

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Boring Job – Not Boring People!

If you think your job is monotonous, spice it up – add some STOKE! This is an example of what I mean!

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Crazy John Doing Multiple Hits… and a SCARECROW???

These stoked up discmen bring unprecedented levels of excitement to the world of the frisbee. Still waiting on a definition of the word “Hain/Hein/Hayne”, but this vid is the Hain bro – way to hit it! So come on let … Continue reading

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Smoking Is Killer!

Not really sure how I feel about cigarettes. I would never smoke them because they like kill you and everything, but why do they have to look so cool?? Smoking makes non-cool people look like cancer, and cool people look … Continue reading

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