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Valentines Day Cheer Found at the DMV

The DMV is one of the most dreaded places on the planet. Usually it means something awful has happened, and you have to wait in a tiny room with a hundred other emo people who are as miserable as you … Continue reading

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The Little Stokes in Life: Caffeine Fiend

I quickly got over the initial disappointment that my James Taylor alarm clock interrupted my SICK Batman-esque dream (had just broken outta enemy-prison with a dude who had a mechanical sword for a left arm). Now, I was ready for … Continue reading

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Dude at Rihanna Concert Steals the Show

In between sets, this guy started dancing to Beyonce’s majestic hit ‘Single Ladies’ – even sporting some of the legendary dance moves from the greatest video of all tiiiime. The crowd’s response is well deserved. We salute you.

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Stupid is Beautiful

Looking like an idiot has never been so artsy.

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