The Little Stokes in Life: Caffeine Fiend


I quickly got over the initial disappointment that my James Taylor alarm clock interrupted my SICK Batman-esque dream (had just broken outta enemy-prison with a dude who had a mechanical sword for a left arm). Now, I was ready for my morning brew. I plugged in Mr. Coffee, sprinkled in the Folgers and hit “LET’S DO THIS” (aka “on”).


Tried again.

Weird noise.


Little guy was broken. Kinda butt-hurt about it. Oh well…

Tried singing Shaniah Twain in the shower to get me going. Surprisingly, didn’t work this time. Scoured the room for extra coin. Found a few Washington’s (quarters, not dollars) in the mattress. I was gettin’ dunks… with a turbo shot. That stuff really JACKS YOU UP. I was ready to crush the day.

Moral of the stoke: waking up with Folgers in your cup is actually better when it’s dunks.

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