What Is It??

stoke – \stōk\

  1. n. : The essence of  exhilaration
    1. “When I’m white water rafting, my stoke levels are at critical mass!”
  2. v. : To amplify the capacity for vivacity of a given situation
    1. “When you came into the party you stoked up the entire shin dig!”
  3. adj. : being in a jacked up state
    1. “Dude, I’m so stoked on these nachos right now!”

KEEPING THE STOKE ALIVE – \kēp-ing the STŌK ə-ˈlīv\

  1. v. : Making the very best out of life at any given moment.
    1. “Even though you’re having the most heinous day, you are totally keeping the stoke alive dude!”

Are you lacking stoke in your life? Life gettin you down?

KEEP THE STOKE ALIVE! is what you need.

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