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Keep The Stoke Alive has Moved!

To everyone trying to get more stoke in their lives, Our stoke project has moved to !!! Go over there and check it out! Also, “like us” on Facebook so you can get all of the newest posts on … Continue reading

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Team Long Brothers – Sports Illustrated SportsKids of the Year

Through my perusing across the world wide web, I come across a lot of content. Some funny, some cool, but most is stupid beyond imagination. This video is unbelievable. Inspirational doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Unfortunately, you cannot … Continue reading

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This Guy Makes Guacamole From Grenades

Amazing stop motion short film. My favorite was the cilantro/lightbulb. The creator’s name is Pes, and he also made a video of two chairs doing it. Is it weird that I still wanted to eat some after?

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Imperfection – The Key to Perfection… Maann

This dude is toooootally stoked on his bowl cut.. and he calls himself “the Illusion.” Genius. Makes me happy that there are people out there like this guy. Keep doin what your doin dude. The cut is lookin sick.

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The Birth Of A Tool

This video of a dude making a hand axe kinda turned me on a little bit. If that’s wrong then I don’t want to be right. Thinking about saying screw you world and becoming a blacksmith.

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People Love A Comeback. DRose #thereturn

“Just me and friends, my city, and my fans… that’s all I need.” That line gave me the chills. Also the suicide doors are sick. MVP this year, I feel it.

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What A Wonderful World – Sung By David Attenborough

Planet Earth? Frozen Planet? Shark Week? Nature is the kitties titties! Pun intended…

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You Buy Your Vegetables Local… Why Not Your Skateboards??

Unique in design and appearance, these surf style cruiser skateboards are 100% handmade in Brooklyn, NY. Shred party in the streets esta noche ya stokers!

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Find Your Greatness

This Nike ad kills it. London ’12. ‘Nuff Said.

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Gettin’ Deep on Space

Space is scary. Just thinking about it melts your brain, but that does’t mean we should stop NASA from getting out there. I’ll be really upset if we don’t get to Pandora in my lifetime, and NASA (or Richard Branson) … Continue reading

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