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Stupid is Beautiful

Looking like an idiot has never been so artsy. Advertisements

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Quitting With Style

Quitting doesn’t have to be a sad or an angry thing. This video concludes what we all thought to be true – back up singers will improve anything.

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Five Guys Burgers and Fries…. Daymn

This guy loves his food. It’s awesome. Daymmmn But the one thing thats better than an awesome video on Youtube…. is a song remix of it. Hide yo kids hide yo wife. This one’s going on the iPod fo sho. … Continue reading

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This Is What Happens When White Guys Listen To Indian Music

The song they’re listening to is sick. Probably one of the first viral videos ever. I remember seeing it after downloading it on KaZaA back in like ’01. The dude’s got the sickest dance moves. Break these out at the … Continue reading

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Nikola Tesla Loved A Pigeon

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla! When he was David Bowie, he invented a machine that created clones. He did a lot of other sweet things too. Here’s a video that is a biography of his life.

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