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Team Long Brothers – Sports Illustrated SportsKids of the Year

Through my perusing across the world wide web, I come across a lot of content. Some funny, some cool, but most is stupid beyond imagination. This video is unbelievable. Inspirational doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Unfortunately, you cannot … Continue reading

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The Little Things…Cereal-Milk

Getting stoked on the simple things in life is what really matters the most. Not the fancy new Nissan Cube in your driveway. Or the blank check from Grandma. But rather, some of Mother Nature’s more intrinsically rewarding offerings. Like … Continue reading

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People Love A Comeback. DRose #thereturn

“Just me and friends, my city, and my fans… that’s all I need.” That line gave me the chills. Also the suicide doors are sick. MVP this year, I feel it.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is The King

I don’t care what the haters say, Arnold is a champion. He has accomplished everything he ever wanted to do. Be the best body builder ever? done.. Be the best action movie star ever?… sure. Be the governator of California?… why not. … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Motivation Video

There is no offseason. Getting pumped up for football this fall.

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No Arms? No Problem!

This kid shreds the axe! Great cover of a great song. Makes me feel like a pussy when I had to stop playing guitar because my fingers hurt. Get around him!

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Find Your Greatness

This Nike ad kills it. London ’12. ‘Nuff Said.

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Gettin’ Deep on Space

Space is scary. Just thinking about it melts your brain, but that does’t mean we should stop NASA from getting out there. I’ll be really upset if we don’t get to Pandora in my lifetime, and NASA (or Richard Branson) … Continue reading

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Scary Sick Photography

Mickey Smith, hardcore surf photographer from Ireland, describes his affinity for the ocean and photography in this short edit. His voice is like a mixture between a Boondock Saints prayer and the Lucky Charms leprechaun getting jacked up on pots of gold and … Continue reading

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