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Boring Job – Not Boring People!

If you think your job is monotonous, spice it up – add some STOKE! This is an example of what I mean! Advertisements

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This Guy Makes Guacamole From Grenades

Amazing stop motion short film. My favorite was the cilantro/lightbulb. The creator’s name is Pes, and he also made a video of two chairs doing it. Is it weird that I still wanted to eat some after?

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Hot Wheels Car Chase

“I live my life a quarter mile at a time… for those ten seconds or less.. I’m free.” This stop motion car chase with hot wheels toys is sweet. I like to think that someone really cool is driving the … Continue reading

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Next Generation Scootering

Apparently nobody ever told this guy that scootering has gone out of style. It’s a good thing too because this is ridiculous. My Razor from 2000 is still in mint condish and gets me from A to B when I’m … Continue reading

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Fixed Gear Biking Doesn’t Mean You’re Restricted

It means you can’t stop… This is a sweet German made video edit on a relatively new and exciting sport. Ch ch check it.¬†Haagen¬†Daz.

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Space Man Loves Yo Yo-ing In Zero Gravity

This guy is getting jacked up on yo yo’s when he’s in space. Check out these cool tricks. Love the words of wisdom he offers! Science is cool!

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The One Time People Were More Impressed With A Ball Boy Than Roger Federer

What a snag, kid should be playing shortstop in the MLB.

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