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Keep The Stoke Alive has Moved!

To everyone trying to get more stoke in their lives, Our stoke project has moved to http://www.keepthestokealive.com !!! Go over there and check it out! Also, “like us” on Facebook so you can get all of the newest posts on … Continue reading

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Crazy John Doing Multiple Hits… and a SCARECROW???

These stoked up discmen bring unprecedented levels of excitement to the world of the frisbee. Still waiting on a definition of the word “Hain/Hein/Hayne”, but this vid is the Hain bro – way to hit it! So come on let … Continue reading

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Superheroes of Stoke

As we approach the time when we put away the skateboard, the swimsuit, the wakeboard… we dig out the snow pants, the beanies, and of course the skis. This is the gnarliest ski vid promo i’ve ever seen. You guys must … Continue reading

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Kayaking the Congo – Killer Rapids

This trailer gave me chills for a couple days straight. Awesome footage, stoked out adrenaline junkies, epic soundtrack a recipe for a killer movie. Try not to die! “This is ‘the obsession’: to release yourself by accomplishing the goal or being stopped by … Continue reading

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You Buy Your Vegetables Local… Why Not Your Skateboards??

Unique in design and appearance, these surf style cruiser skateboards are 100% handmade in Brooklyn, NY. Shred party in the streets esta noche ya stokers!

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American Gladiators “I’m fine today!”

It’s appropriate to start with American Gladiator, Malibu. For those of you who don’t know what American Gladiators is, it was pretty much the sickest game show ever. Set during the Golden Era of roid-dosing bodybuilders, average schmo’s entered a … Continue reading

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