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Crazy John Doing Multiple Hits… and a SCARECROW???

These stoked up discmen bring unprecedented levels of excitement to the world of the frisbee. Still waiting on a definition of the word “Hain/Hein/Hayne”, but this vid is the Hain bro – way to hit it! So come on let … Continue reading

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Imperfection – The Key to Perfection… Maann

This dude is toooootally stoked on his bowl cut.. and he calls himself “the Illusion.” Genius. Makes me happy that there are people out there like this guy. Keep doin what your doin dude. The cut is lookin sick.

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Fixed Gear Biking Doesn’t Mean You’re Restricted

It means you can’t stop… This is a sweet German made video edit on a relatively new and exciting sport. Ch ch check it.¬†Haagen¬†Daz.

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